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5.0 out of 5 starsAbsolutely perfect for my needs!!!!

Style: AQT 33-11|Verified Purchase
Firstly it is very important to establish `WHY’ I am giving this pressure washer 5 stars. I believe in leaving honest, fair and hopefully helpful reviews that assist in deciding what products to purchase. If you are like myself, you will feel a little more comfortable buying something that is above 4 stars.

This is NOT the most powerful pressure washer around. It definitely is NOT the best choice is you have to wash 20 camper vans every day. It does not come with a whole raft of attachments (although I’m sure can be purchased separately). So why 5 stars????

I have had several pressure washers in the past….some fairly high end, with impressive abilities!!!! This time I spent a little more time considering what I really needed a pressure washer for….

1. To help clean the alloy wheels and take excess dirt of my car when cleaning……For me a pressure washer can NEVER clean a car on its own (bucket, sponge, wax that can be applied while wet…). But it does a great job on the wheels and a little rinsing….and this product does all required.

2. To spruce up a patio, taking off built up grime, mildew etc. This pressure washer does this as well as any I have had before.

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